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No criminal case is exactly alike. Every person accused of a crime is unique. I believe the best way to defend someone’s rights is to specifically tailor a strategy that takes the whole person into account. I refuse to run a high volume practice because I want to provide an individualized approach to my client’s case.
These are the guiding principles of my method of representation.
I will educate -I want the client to be informed of the legal issues they are facing.
I will advise -Once a client understands the issues, I will provide my candid opinion on how best to proceed.
I will empower -Too often, attorneys present their opinions as if the client has no choice in the matter. Because my clients are informed, they are empowered to make the final decision.
I will fight -I owe my clients a duty of zealous advocacy and I take that duty seriously.

Need to clear your record?

Chad can petition the courts for an expunction of your criminal records or, in other cases, seal your record from public view via non-disclosure.


I HIGHLY recommend Chad Van Brunt! I was very lucky in receiving him as my court appointed attorney, & he did an AMAZING job with my case...or cases as I should say. I was able to only have 3 yrs probation, which was VERY good for what I was up against (3 Felonies & 1 Misdemeanor). So anyone in need of a damn good attorney he is most certainly the one to go to! As another person said he is a miracle worker for sure!

Kelli B.

Super good lawyer. Highly recommended!

Matthew A.

Mr. Van Brunt is a miracle worker! He's truly exceptional!

John P.

Great attorney

Brian M.


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