Pending Criminal Charges

From complex white collar cases in federal court to charges for driving while intoxicated, Chad is capable of providing you effective and aggressive representation.

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Appeals and Post Conviciton Writs of Habeas Corpus

If you have already been convicted, you still have options. Whether it is an appeal after a trial or a writ of habeas corpus many years later, Chad is well versed in finding relief for his clients.


Civil Rights

Wrongfully arrested? Excessive force? Violations of people's rights by law enforcment is both real and unacceptable in our society. Chad is one of the few attorneys who is unafraid to go after the government for their wrongdoings. He can help you get justice.


Need to clear your record?

Chad can petition the courts for an expunction of your criminal records or, in other cases, seal your record from public view via non-disclosure.

Your voice in the courts

Whether he is in trial before a jury or arguing before a panel of judges on appeal , Chad seeks to bring out his client's story in all cases. All people have  indvidualized cases and Chad will make sure you are heard.


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